A very short precis of all my Monologues

Black Puddings -
a favourite delicacy in Lancashire
are under threat from the all-pervading bureaucracy
abounding in Europe
 so Sam goes to the seat of government in the UK
 and confronts the Prime Minister


Sam's Four Wishes -
a walk in the woods brings Sam in contact with a gnome
 and Sam gets the usual three wishes plus one more


T'Pools Win -
Sam wins a fortune on the football pools
 and goes on the holiday of a lifetime


Sweet Dreams -
Whilst watching his wife sleeping next to him
 Sam realises just how much he loves her

Th'Aerospace -
This is a personal view of what life was like
 at British Aerospace Warton Preston Lancashire
when I worked there as an 'engineer' from 1972 until 1991


Th'Outing -
in my childhood an 'outing' was a trip to the park
or a 'day out' at the seaside as in this story
......not at all what it means today !


'Addock and Chips -
young Sam is sent to the local chip-shop
to buy the family evening meal,
but is waylaid by a bunch of pet-shop kittens


Old Pals -
Albert and Jack, old friends and rivals, parted by the second world war, meet up again after twenty-five years
and discover that after all the changes that life can bring
 .......... they haven't changed at all !


Matador Sam -
my own particular favourite story features Sam
and his long-suffering wife on holiday in Spain.
Sam mistakenly stumbles upon a bull fight at the local Corrida
after drinking too much wine with his new-found friends


Th'Angler -
this monologue, one of my earliest attempts, is about a friend of mine 'Peter McNaughton'
who, very unlike me, was a 'hunting and fishing' sort of a bloke
but despite all that was a nice man too !
sadly he died a few years ago
but his story will live in cyberspace forever


Greased Lightnin' -
a very old joke this one but one worthy of the 'monologue' treatment
about Bert's untimely death whilst collecting vegetables from the garden
 for Sunday lunch.... and his wife Mary's resulting dilemma.


Look To Your Heart -
inspired by the very beautiful Frank Sinatra song 
of the same name,
this is a true story of my own early life
....... for 'Sam' read 'Mike' and for 'Young Sam' read 'Aaron'


The Message -
 is the first monologue that I ever wrote
.......about how certain events in Greece
might have come to pass in quite a different way,
 if Greece, and Marathon in particular,
 had been part of the 'Red Rose County'


Werewolf -
Doris and Jack, out walking on a Summer's evening
 are involved in an unplanned adventure.......
......a fanciful fearful tale
 of how a situation can be read completely wrong
 by someone who has only half the story
...... and the resulting consequences,
fortunately the story has a happy ending


Audrey and Peter and Linda and Mike -
another almost true story about our friends 
who live 'over the road'
who provided Linda and me with a wonderful meal
 every Monday evening for quite a long time 
a few years ago


Th'Inheritance -
 Sam's Uncle Bill, the local milkman, dies
 and leaves Sam a tidy sum of money
 but Sam is disappointed because he really wanted
 the horse that pulled Uncle Bill's milk cart,
 so he does a deal with Auntie Flo........another happy ending !


Wordsworth -
a very short poem about an encounter with an illiterate poet
 somewhere in 
England's Lake District  


No Notice -
another short poem about the seemingly unstoppable
 proliferation of notices,
inspired by a notice that I once read which simply said
 'Please do not throw stones at this notice'