Look to Your Heart

It's a pitiful sight is a funeral
Said Sam and e' lifted 'is hat
As th' 'earse and t' mourners passed by 'im in t' rain
on t' cemetery bench where 'e sat

There's nowt you can say to folks in their grief
There's nowt as 'll give 'em no peace
Only time heals the wounds that death leaves behind
With the widow the son or the niece


Sam's mother had died in her forties
Sam were no'but a lad of eleven
He remembered 'is dad with tears in his eyes
Sayin' 'ow God 'ad took 'er to 'eaven


Sam's dad 'ad a struggle in t' followin' years
Tryin' to bring up his son on his own
What wi' goin' out to work six days of the week
An' cookin' an' cleanin' in th' ome


And life it were cruel 'cos it wasn't that long
Before all that 'ard work took its toll
Sam's dad paid the price that we all have to pay
With his life - please God rest his soul

Sam were there when he died -- 'e were 'oldin 'is 'and
An' 'is voice it were feeble and weak
'E said 'don't thee cry lad I'll be alright'
An' Sam were so choked 'e couldn't speak


If only 'eed found t' words to say 'thank you dad'
thanks for everything that you've done
An' how much 'e loved 'im and 'ow 'ee'd been glad
Just to be his father's son

There were nobody knew 'ow many times
These thoughts 'ad gone through 'is 'ead
How many times 'ee'd wished as 'ee'd spoke
An' not put it off 'til a better time instead

He looked down onto t' bench at his own son sat there
Playing - good as gold - by his side
An' he lifted 'im up an' cuddled 'im close
So full of love 'e could 'ardly abide


Just look to your heart Sam he whispered to t' lad
'An t'right words 'll find their way through
An' alus remember for t' rest of your life
Speak your love to them folks as love you