Young Sam 'ad been sent off to t' chip-shop
By 'is mother who'd kissed 'im on t' lips
An' told 'im as 'ow 'e shouldn't dawdle on t' way back
Wi' three lots of 'addock and chips

Now Sam were a good boy as good as could be
An bright for 'is age they all said
An' 'e clutched old of t' money an set off for t' shop
Repeatin' these words in 'is 'ead

 'Addock and chips 'addock and chips
The words that 'is mother 'ad spoke
Over and over--again and again
'E wished mum 'ad give 'im a note

Mrs Storm was cleanin' 'er windows
An' wi' wash-leather was gettin to grips
"Ello there young Sam" she said as 'e passed
and Sam shouted "Addock and chips" !!

Mrs Storm thought "Poor little mite"
As she watched 'im go skippin' down t' lane
An' said as ow bloody computers
Were drivin' all t' childer insane

He were just like 'is dad an' 'is mother
All tarred wi' same brush she said
Wi' their whippets an' ferrets an' pigeons an' such
They were all of 'em out of their 'ead

By this time Sam 'ad reached t' pet-shop
an' smell made 'im fair lick 'is lips
'Cos t' pet-shop were next door to t' chippy
And Sam could smell 'addock and chips

'E looked long an' 'ard at t' kittens in t' shop
If 'e 'ad one 'eed be ever so kind
An' e wished -'ow 'e wished as 'e 'ad one
It drove everything else from 'is mind

There were people stood outside t' chip-shop
An' Sam 'ad to push 'is way through
But 'e were only thinkin' of t' kittens
As 'e took up 'is place in the queue

'E 'eard someone at t' front give their order
"Steak-puddin an' chips an' some peas"
"That's just three pound" said the lady in white
"Thank-you, good bye, who's next please ?"

Well the queue it got shorter an' shorter
An' young Sam started shufflin' 'is feet
As people went 'ome with their dinners
So 'ungry some ate 'em in t' street

"Now then young Sam" it were t' lady in white
"An' what can I get for you" she said
But Sam 'e were thinkin' of t' kittens
It 'ad gone clean out of 'is 'ead

Sam just stood there with mouth open wide
Tryin' 'ard 'is mum's words to recall
But all 'e could think of were t' kittens
Kittens, just kittens, that's all !!

"Now we're right out of puddins and right out of peas
An' there's nobbut one piece of cod
But we've plenty of 'addock an' plenty of chips"
Said the lady......Sam just gave a nod

"I'll give you three lots of 'addock an' three lots of chips
For you and your mum and your dad
An' 'urry-up 'ome so they'll not go cold
Go on now Sam there's a good lad"

Sam set off a runnin' an' soon arrived 'ome
'Is mum were waitin at t' door
"Well done Sam" she said as she patted 'is 'ead
But Sam 'e just looked down at the floor

'E stood for a while, then 'e started to smile
As the words tumbled out from 'is lips
"It's alright mum, it's alright" Sam said
"I've remembered it - addock and chips"

Well Sam's mum and dad they loved 'im so much
That they both said 'ow good it would be
If they bought Sam a kitten from t' pet shop
An' they'd take 'im there straight after tea

Well Sam 'e were fairly delighted
An' this time t'words came from 'ushed lips
"Thank-you Lord for mi' mum an' mi' dad
An' thank-you for 'addock and chips"